Everyone loves comfortable and clean furniture.
Don’t throw away your old furniture when we can repair and clean it.
When your furniture is broken or has lost its looks and functionality, the way repair and cleaning are performed in the first attempt is critical. In the hands of our highly skilled
furniture repair, restoration & cleaning technicians your furniture will look and function as if the damage never even happened.

Our professional team is capable of repairing a multitude of problems:

-Fixing nicks, dents, scratches, chips, scrapes, gouges, moving or delivery damages, animal – pet damages, loose, glue joints, fill in, re-gluing, color matching, leather and Vinyl dyeing, finishing, gold leaf
-Reinforcing furniture frames, casters, chair base, gas cylinders, adding additional supports, webbing, padding, springs, upholstery, open seams
-Repairing defective power or manual mechanisms on recliners sleepers or beds, repairing or replacing: slides, hardware, handles, drawer tracks, extension leaf slides, fasteners, levelers, glides, stretch, zippers, pneumatic, snap, hooks, hinges, recliner, swivel bases, absorbers, release system, handles, cables, frames, casters, and chair bases, etc.
-Addressing problems of sagging seats, foam, padding, Dacron, webbing, rips, cuts, holes, burns, enhancements, worn finishes, laminate, grain matching.
Over the years , wood furniture office furniture ,and architectural woodwork can become  dirty and  useless.
Our cleaning and refinishing services include:
Removal of ink marks, water and heat rings, spills, pet damages, smoke and water damages
Polishing, refinishing, buffing, waxing, and touch ups

All type of cleaning services including Upholstery, Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Rug Resizing, color enhancing etc.

You have a Hardwood Floor damage or Piece of Antique or Art – We repair and restore it All!

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